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Stress Relief and Relaxation Products Australia


What are your best-selling products?

Backed by research, Calm Store has curated a range of stress relief products that have proven results in reducing anxiety and tension. Our best-selling products range from soothing aromatherapy items, to meditation tools, self help books, and kids products such as fidgets, puzzles and sensory therapy aids. We also supply mineral scrubs and soaks, body butters and balms, goat milk soaps and bath bombs to incorporate into your weekly de-stress routine.

I am new to meditation and stress relief, what would you recommend for me?

If you experience regular feelings of anxiety, or struggle to unwind after a long day, Calm Store has a range of stress relief products that you can incorporate into a routine to help you relax. In particular, we recommend the following stress relief products:

  • Massage tools — Proven to reduce anxiety and stress by alleviating tension, aches and pains, we supply a range of massage mats, pillows, balls and rollers that deliver soothing relief. These products also improve blood flow, sleep quality and boost immunity.
  • Weighted products — From blankets to plush toys, our weighted products utilise Deep Pressure therapy, which has been clinically proven to calm the body and mind. Especially beneficial for people with anxiety, autism, ADHD or sensory processing disorders.
  • Meditation products — Find meditation how-to books and guides, as well as audio products to calm your mind and help you gain control over anxious thoughts. Many studies have found that meditation reduces stress, controls anxiety, promotes emotional health, improves concentration and memory, and decreases blood pressure. If you’re looking for a sensory experience, our light and sound systems help you easily achieve a blissful state of relaxation. Add cushions and seating to your practice, designed to correct your posture and allow you to meditate in comfort. Our unique range of meditation tools, including singing bowls and mala beads, allow you to try different types of meditation, to see which works best for you.
  • Aromatherapy — Imbue your space with calming scents like lavender, citrus, bergamot and geranium, that refresh your environment and soothe your mind. Scientifically proven to improve your mood, soothing scents can directly impact your brain’s emotion and memory centre. In collaboration with aromatherapists, Calm Store stocks a variety of essential oils, diffusers and scented candles that are sure to deliver tranquillity.
  • Tea therapy — Originating in Japan, tea meditation is easy to incorporate into your everyday life, encouraging you to stay mindful throughout the practice — from brewing to sipping. You’ll find delicious and therapeutic herbal blends along with beautifully designed teapots, cups and all the accessories.
  • Yoga — A highly effective physical exercise, research proves that yoga can reduce stress and anxiety by improving your breathing, encouraging mindfulness, boosting blood flow and relieving tension in the body. Explore our yoga kits, books, mats, rollers and resistance bands.

Stress relief fidgets — For children and adults looking to improve focus and reduce anxiety, fidgets and thumb stones are discreet self-soothing tools you can carry throughout the day.

How do your stress relief products help kids and adults?

Our meditation and yoga products encourage mindfulness and tackle anxious thoughts, while our massage tools and weighted products relieve bodily tension for those dealing with anxiety. We also supply tools to create a calming space at home or work — with scented candles, essential oils, diffusers, incense and salt lamps. Our pampering body products, such as bath bombs and mineral soaks, are perfect to incorporate into soothing self care routines. Our range of vitamins and supplements are carefully selected to assist with a healthy nervous system and a restful night’s sleep. Kids that struggle with anxiety or sensory overload can self-soothe with our stress relief fidgets.

What are good toys for kids with anxiety?

Many children experience anxiety, and there are a range of causes. Anxiety can be a short term response to a stressful event, or it can be a longer term issue, for instance when it is associated with ADHD or Autism.Whatever the cause, Calm Store offers a range of stress relief products to comfort kids during times of anxiety.Our huge range of fidget toys are designed to keep hands engaged in simple, repetitive movements that provide calming sensory stimulation. This can improve focus on other tasks such as schoolwork. Fidget toys can also soothe anxiety by providing a healthy outlet for nervous energy. They include puzzles, putty, cubes, spinners, squishy and squeezy toys.Our sensory tools assist kids who find relief through pressure or weighted therapy, or who benefit from tactile or visual stimulation. They include weighted blankets and toys, liquid timers, and massagers.Our premium, realistic looking plush animal toys (by Living Nature) can be incredibly calming for children. They can provide a sense of security and reduce anxiety and loneliness especially at bedtime. Research has even found that hugging a plush toy can reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels, much like patting a real animal can!In addition, we stock a range of social and emotional learning games, calming crafts and activities that provide a fun way for kids to relax, and soothing bath and bedtime products to help kids unwind for a peaceful sleep.

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