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Australian Soy and Botanical Wax Candles With Crystals.

What do you picture when you imagine pampering yourself one evening at home? A cup of tea and a good book? A warm bath, with scented oils or salts? Chances are, when imagining your ideal relaxation ritual, you also thought about lighting a candle or two. And there are good reasons why we associate candles with calm.⁠

The soft illumination of a candle, and the mesmerising flicker of the flame, helps calm the mind, and bring stress levels down a notch. In fact, a common meditation technique involves focusing on a candle flame.⁠

The smell of fragranced candles also stimulates the part of your brain which is connected to memory and mood. Research suggests that burning scented candles can help reduce feelings of anxiety, and relieve feelings of depression.⁠

Candles can also create a particular mood or frame of mind, for certain times of the day. For instance, routinely lighting a candle when you come home from work, at bath time or before meditation, can help trigger a relaxation response.⁠

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