Calming, or anti anxiety jewellery is not only made to look good – it’s made to fidget with!

In addition to the products on this page, you can also check out our meditation mala beads (necklaces and bracelets), which can be used in similar ways.

Fidgeting is our body’s way of releasing restless energy. Fidgeting can help self soothe, calm the mind and improve focus.

Fidgeting with jewellery, a thumb stone or a toy can distract from, and diminish the intensity of, worries.

Fidget tools have also been used to treat bad habits such as nail biting, or addictions such as smoking. Touching the fidget replaces the behaviour that is being corrected. Playing with it keeps the hands and mind busy until the urge passes.

Fidgets can also be used during meditation to focus the mind and eliminate distractions.

To read more about the benefits of fidget tools, see our Research page which provides links to articles published in peer reviewed journals.

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