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If other types of meditation aren’t working for you, japa meditation – a meditation that uses mantras and mala meditation beads – could be the answer. Mantras are a word or phrase you say either internally or out loud during your meditation practice, and malas are a way to count those mantras. Traditionally, they have 108 beads plus one guru bead (the one that dangles off the end of the necklace).

If you normally have trouble concentrating during meditation, a mantra and malas provide both a mental and physical way to stay grounded in the moment. The use of beads incorporates the sense of touch with meditation and makes use of our inherent desire to fidget with something.

Repeating your chosen mantra on each bead is a very relaxing process. As you continue to do japa meditation, you’ll notice that your mind begins to focus on the mantras. Other worries or concerns will eventually fade away.

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For more information on the incredible range of health benefits associated with meditation, see our Research page which provides links to articles published in peer reviewed journals.

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