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Meditation Seat Australia

Seated meditation (or ‘sitting zazen’), is a central part of Zen Buddhism. Sitting directly on the ground is considered best practice for meditation because it brings the meditator into direct contact with Earth. In reality, this is not a particularly practical or comfortable option! However, sitting on a cushion, or a floor chair, is an acceptable substitute, and this can help you comfortably hold the correct meditation posture for longer.

For correct posture, it is important not to slouch the back while meditating. In addition, keep hands and arms relaxed, shoulders wide and chest uplifted for easy breathing.

Other than that, you are free to sit in whatever way you find most comfortable. Some people like to sit in the traditional cross legged pose. Others prefer legs stretched out in front of them. Some people are happy without back support, while others need a floor chair with a back rest to be able to enjoy their meditation time without discomfort.

It is best to avoid meditating while lying down, as it is too easy to fall asleep!

For more information on the incredible range of health benefits associated with meditation, see our Research page which provides links to articles published in peer reviewed journals.


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