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Salt Lamps Australia

These Himalayan salt products are individually hand-crafted from 100% pure Himalayan salt making your purchase truly special and one of a kind.

All lamps includes power cord and replaceable globe. Don’t forget to purchase spare globes!

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are a pure and natural product from mother nature. These lamps have a soft glow and may be harmonising to your home or office. Salt lamps are often referred to as uplifting, in that they may release negative ions in the air. When negative ions are balanced in the air it is believed that this may lead to feelings of improved health and wellbeing.

Research has shown that different colours of light affect the body in different ways. Doctors recommend avoiding blue light after sunset because it can interfere with circadian rhythm and disrupt sleep hormones.

Unfortunately, many modern light sources like cell phones, tablets, computers, and TVs emit a lot of blue light and many of us spend a good majority of time staring at these screens, especially in the evening.

Salt lamps, on the other hand, offer a warm orange glow, similar to the orange hues found in a campfire or by candlelight. For this reason, they are a great light source for the evening and can even be used as a night light without negatively affecting sleep.

These soothing lamps may also help boost mood and energy levels, especially for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The soft orange hues are one of the soothing colours often used to calm mood and increase focus.

Salt lamps cost less than many other types of lamps, and a high quality one can last for decades.

They are a beautiful and eco-friendly light source that produces a healthy spectrum of light.

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