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Fidget Toys Australia

Fidget toys aren’t just for kids! Adults can also benefit from them as an aid to improve focus and to reduce anxiety. This section includes a range of fidgets that are quiet and discrete, and can easily be carried in a pocket or kept on a desk at work.

Perhaps the oldest type of fidget is the Thumb Stone (also known as a Worry Stone). These are smooth gemstones with an indentation for the thumb. They have been used by humans for thousands of years, and are a versatile aid for self-calming and meditation. They are used by holding the stone between the index finger and thumb and gently moving the thumb back and forth across the stone.

Rubbing a Thumb Stone has a soothing effect, and can distract from, and diminish the intensity of, worries.

The gentle pressure of the stone on your thumb is said to stimulate nerve endings and release endorphins, triggering the body’s natural relaxation response.

Thumb Stones can be used during meditation to focus the mind and eliminate distractions.

Thumb Stones have also been used to treat bad habits such as nail biting, or addictions such as smoking. Touching the Thumb Stone replaces the behaviour that is being corrected. Playing with it keeps the hands and mind busy until the urge passes.

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